Frequently Asked Questions

We’re always looking to save stone from landfill. We have a range of contacts across the construction industry and are always interested in any stone that’s going to waste….let us know.
Bath stone is an oolitic limestone, comprising granular fragments of calcium carbonate and dates back to the Jurassic period, some 195 million years ago.  Importantly it is a ‘freestone’, meaning it can be sawn or ‘squared up’ in any direction, allowing it’s extensive use as a building material throughout southern England.
Complete a consultation request and we can arrange to meet with you and discuss your needs. You can also call 0843 289 6777 or email
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We work with Cornerstone. Cornerstone help individuals who are stranded in the remote areas of society to re-engage with forgotten skills that were probably taught early on in life, but now discarded.

They work tirelessly with individuals at the refinery and encourage them to feel their way back to the front of the queue of opportunities.

Whilst at Cornerstone, individuals are invited to partake in a 3 month score card attendance scheme where we monitor attendance, attitude, skill, aptitude and intuition.

All the above are then collated into an onward journey ticket to their chosen destination in life.

This excessive helps them to apply for a broader scope of jobs and gives them confidence and faith!
We're proud to use LATICRETE(R) LATICRETE is 3rd generation family-owned and for over 60 years, has provided the technology, products and service making innovative, permanent installations and repairs for the construction market.

Their industry-leading products provide complete system solutions from the substrate up through the grout for virtually any type of tile or stone installation in commercial, industrial, and residential applications.